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Customer Success Stories

Implementing Hoylu has helped us improve tremendously. Our students love the real time collaboration and our professors love how easy it is to use. A huge win for everyone!
– Dean Washington

Real time learning with remote locations

The University of Washington has a growing number of students who attend via remote locations and needed innovative digital technology to accommodate their increasing demand.

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– Author

Multi-campus classrooms

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Remote Learning with Hoylu

Higher Education faculties are finding new ways to digitally transform their long-distance learning through the use of collaboration technology. Connecting classrooms and instructors around the world provides an answer to previously impossible remote learning opportunities. Faculty are located several time zones away from students but still require a live, interactive relationship between students and teacher.Basic video conferencing systems are not sufficient for complex course lessons.Students move at different speeds requiring complex document management. The Hoylu Software Suite is ideal for …
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Creating Immersive Environments with Merck

Merck is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and is world-renowned for pushing innovation into the medical field and partners with only the top innovative companies in the world. As a way to inspire and find better ways to share and collaborate, Merck approached Hoylu to unlock the potential of their internal development organization. Hoylu worked with Merck to specifically equip a new facility with all of the different Hoylu Products and Software. The company leveraged a …
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Innovation in the Financial Sector

Fidelity uses Hoylu Products for a variety of daily work activities, including Team Scrum, Mind Mapping, Process Generation, Brainstorming and other group collaboration activities. The ability to support multiple simultaneous users is of huge value because all of their collaboration activities are in the form of team stand-ups with everyone contributing at once. Hoylu Software allows Fidelity to work with their unstructured data in a simple, straightforward way that doesn’t require specialized training or setup. Hoylu’s software also allows Fidelity …
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Using Hoylu for Graphic Recording

Graphic recording (also referred to as reflective graphics, graphic listening, etc.) involves capturing people’s ideas and expressions—in words, images and color—as they are being spoken in the moment. It is a perfect tool for bridging the world of visual thinking and the World Café, for it helps to illuminate how we as people connect, contribute, learn and make meaning together. When a recorder works in large format, a record of the proceedings is visible for all to see. Enabling people …
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Using Hoylu for Lean Planning

The Hoylu Software Suite is ideal for Lean Planning scenarios and connects seamlessly into existing processes and workflows to create minimal disruption while providing the biggest impact. Hoylu adheres to industry standards for Lean Planning, providing easy access to 3rdparty applications designed for specific industry-based workflows and augmenting these services through remote collaboration capabilities and analog to digital input. By using Hoylu Software as well as Hoylu Paper, large teams can interact simultaneously with the Hoylu system from multiple locations …
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Hoylu and Tønsbergprosjektet: On Schedule, Under Budget

The Tønsbergprosjektet involved making significant structural and internal improvements to two hospital buildings containing over 3,000 rooms. Because of the logistical difficulties of team collaboration against such a large work effort, the Hoylu solution was purchased as a way to help keep the project on schedule and under budget.  Groups use the Hoylu display and canvas to navigate through 3D models and CAD imagery of the buildings daily, and are able to quickly identify trouble spots or areas that require …
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Building Smarter and Stronger With Hoylu

Hoylu provided the Hoylu Software Suite and Huddlewall Product Set to the Skanska Headquarters in Sweden, equipping the complete meeting floor with multiple Hoylu Walls that could be accessed by employees and external guests. Skanska allowed the rooms to be reserved for internal meetings as well as customer oriented gatherings and presentations. Users were encouraged to use the Hoylu system for brainstorming and concept ideation, encouraging highly creative output. Hoylu worked with Skanska to provide a variety of wall sizes …
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Immersive Teaching With Hoylu at Ithaca College

Hoylu worked with Ithaca College to provide products and solutions for their innovation labs on campus. The products are used by multiple members of faculty and students to perform a wide variety of activities. As an example, the Music department uses the product for internal sessions, lesson planning and exams and the Chemistry and Science department use it for classroom projects and lesson material distribution. The faculty works with the Hoylu system to plan and share lesson plans internally, and …
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Barton Malow Builds the Future with Hoylu

Barton Malow uses Hoylu products for display and innovation in the industry, and place a high priority on digital transformation. Barton Malow has a reputation for highly innovative, cutting edge projects and processes. As they have expanded throughout North America, the tools they use for display, planning, tracking, review of material and customer-facing presentations have typically fallen behind other industries, relying on manual, time-consuming solutions. The logistical challenges associated with hosting a large number of people for technology-based demonstrations have …
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Connecting Teams Through Innovation at Doka

In 2017 Doka won CBRE’s prestigious “Office of the year” award in for their Innovation Labs thanks to Hoylu’s Software platform. Doka has a widely dispersed workforce currently working against rapid growth in their industry. Market and job site demands require rigorous process, which is made difficult through time demands and traditional technology. The industry has been slow to adopt new technologies, although Doka has been a market leader in pursuing smart solutions to traditional problems. Doka uses the Hoylu …
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Smarter Construction with Suffolk

Suffolk wanted a smarter system for collaboration, brainstorming and project planning that could accommodate large teams. Finding effective ways for teams to interact while viewing and modifying 3D models of complex buildings and conducting LEAN planning is critical to their business. This need, coupled with new technology, is necessary to bring about digital transformation of outdated workflows and directly contribute to bottom-line gains. Unlike competitive solutions which offer a fraction of the necessary functionality, Hoylu’s unique product solution is well-suited for …
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Interactive Learning at Cal State East Bay

California State University, East Bay is a public university located in Hayward, California, United States. Cal State as part of the 23-campus California State University system, offers 136 undergraduate and 60 post-baccalaureate areas of study. Cal State came to Hoylu in order to drive stronger collaboration with their faculty and students, and needed a technology solution that could be flexible to a wide audience of differing needs. Hoylu worked with Cal State to provide products and solutions for their innovation …
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Make planning easy and engaging

Construction & Engineering teams utilize Connected Workspaces™ in tandem with HoyluWalls to complete large scale project plans and scrum meetings. By leveraging the combined power of the HoyluWall with Connected Workspace™, teams are able to sort through complex detailed plans with ample space to see all critical information on one large surface to make quicker and more informed decisions. Hoylu’s Flow application allows for traditional sticky note planning to become a better digital experience. Notes can be moved around, stacked, …
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