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Please download financial reports from Hoylu AB here.


Chairman of the Board




Economy (DME), law and psychology.

Main occupation:

Senior Strategic Advisor.

Other current assignments:

Chairman of the Board of Dafo Brand Aktiebolag, Bluetest Aktiebolag, Cleanwatertech CWT AB and Azurans Capital Project Insure AB. Member of the Board of Un Invest i Norden AB and ZugDoc AB.

Previous assignments (past five years):

Chairman of the Board of Team-Sportia AB, IQS AB and Active Sport Group Europe AB. CEO of Anticimex AB.

Shareholding in Hoylu:

Independent in relation to larger shareholders and in relation to the
Member of the Board




BSc in Business and Economics, Stockholm School of Economics.

Main occupation:


Other current assignments:

Chairman of the Board and CEO of Tejme Invest AB. Chairman of the Board of C Security Systems AB (publ).

Previous assignments (past five years):

COO of Hyper Island Capital AB.

Shareholding in Hoylu:

Independent in relation to larger shareholders and in relation to the
Member of the Board, CEO.




MBE, Norwegian School of Management (BI).

Main occupation:

CEO of Hoylu.

Other current assignments:

Member of the Board of Abyssinia Resources Development AS and Belle Epoque AS.

Previous assignments (past five years):

Member of the Board of Cenium AS, Virtualworks Inc. Member of the Board and CEO of Anoto Group (publ).

Shareholding in Hoylu:

225,000 shares through Standard Förvaltning AS and 250,000 synthetic options.
Independent in relation to larger shareholders, dependent in relation
to the Company.
Member of the Board




MSc in Computer Computer Science, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Main occupation:

Area Manager and Non-Executive Director.

Other current assignments:

Member of the Board of Azurans Capital Project Insure AB and Dafo Brand Aktiebolag. Deputy board member of re-consider AB.

Previous assignments (past five years):

External CEO of C Security Systems AB (publ).

Shareholding in Hoylu:

None, Independent in relation to larger shareholders and in relation to the


Member of the Board, CEO.




MBE, Norwegian School of Management (BI).

Main occupation:

CEO of Hoylu.

Other current assignments:

Member of the Board of Abyssinia Resources Development AS and Belle Epoque AS.

Previous assignments (past five years):

Member of the Board of Cenium AS, Virtualworks Inc. Member of the Board and CEO of Anoto Group (publ).

Shareholding in Hoylu:

225,000 shares through Standard Förvaltning AS and 250,000 synthetic options.
Independent in relation to larger shareholders, dependent in relation
to the Company.




BBA Finance, University of Wisconsin, Juris Doctor (JD), University of San Diego – School of Law and MS Accountancy, San Diego State University.

Other current assignments:

Member of the Board of Athletic DNA, Inc.

Previous assignments (past five years):

Member of the Board of Anoto, Inc. CFO of Anoto Group AB, Athletic DNA, Inc., Doyenz, Inc. Interim CFO of Auction Edge, Inc.

Shareholding in Hoylu:

Shareholding in Hoylu: 200,000
shares and 40,000 synthetic options.
Independent in relation to larger shareholders, dependent in relation
to the Company.

financial calendar

Interim report 1 jan – 31 mar 2017   
Interim report 1 jan – 30 jun 2017
Interim report 1 jan – 30 sep 2017
Annual General Meeting


We provide correct and consistent information about Hoylu AB (HOYLU.ST)
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Hoylu is pleased to announce today the acquisition of Creative Minds Consulting, LLC, a newly established Seattle-based company that provides next-generation IoT and Connective Techologies to companies around the world. Creative Minds Consulting are experts in the area of connected technologies and  (...)

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Hoylu AB: Hoylu enters a strategic partnership with VR Global Inc.

Hoylu enters a strategic partnership with VR Global Inc.

February 21st 2017

Following yesterday's listing on Nasdaq First North, Hoylu announces a strategic investment in VR Global, a New York-based company with a global presence. VR Global's enterprise-ready solutions deliver advanced virtual real (...)

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Hoylu AB:Correction in the Company Description published on February 15, 2017 regarding new ISIN code

Correction in the Company Description published on February 15, 2017 regarding new ISIN code

Corrections have been made in the Company Description published on Hoylu AB (publ) website.

The share will be traded under ISIN code (International Securities Identification Number): SE0009581192, on 20 Febr (...)

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Hoylu AB: Hoylu acquires We-inspire GmbH


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Hoylu AB: Hoylu publishes its Company Description and announces its plans for Listing at Nasdaq First North

Hoylu publishes its Company Description and announces its plans for Listing at Nasdaq First North.

February15th 2017

Following the announcement of its intention to float on 17 October 2016, the Board of Directors of Hoylu AB ("Hoylu" or the "Company") today publishes its Company Description in conne (...)

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corporate documents

Please download corporate documents from Hoylu AB here.
Articles of Association
Company description
For listing on Nasdaq First North
We-inspire Annual report
Year ending June 30, 2016
As of December 31, 2016 (Non-Audited)
We-inspire 2016 monthly profit and loss
We-inspire Annual Report
Year ending June 30, 2015


Stein Revelsby, CEO
Auditors and Certified Advisors
Per-Arne Pettersson, Deloitte AB
Certified Advisor:
Remium Nordic AB
+46 (0) 8454 32 00,
Humlegårdsgatan 20, 114 46 Stockholm, Sweden

Hoylu – Augment your work life

Hoylu delivers solutions for presentation, ideation and collaboration that focus on enhancing the user experience. The company's main area of interest is software for Creative Collaboration, combined with intuitive input and display technologies. This includes technologies for remote collaboration, Internet of Things and for connecting workspaces in different locations together, with the objective of simplifying work processes while improving productivity and creativity.

Hoylu’s goal is to improve and simplify how people present, ideate and collaborate at every step in the business processes within their organizations. We believe this will ultimately improve the quality of work life through effortless, location-independent collaboration between people within an enterprise, and between enterprises.


The founders of Hoylu have identified a rapidly growing demand for creative collaboration solutions that meet the needs of leading, innovative companies, where idea generation and creativity are critical success factors. Creative processes in enterprises increasingly involve multidisciplinary teams of highly specialized individuals with different backgrounds, education and skills that work together for extended periods of time, often from a range of different locations and work environments. Through technology, we at Hoylu believe that we can help bridge the gap between analog and digital work-practices and make substantial progress towards a more fluid and seamless collaboration process that incorporates different types of media.


Hoylu combines our proprietary software with additional software and hardware from strategic partners into a comprehensive, “end-to-end” solution for presentation, communication and interactive collaboration that includes a range of surfaces with touch and pen support and devices with Augmented and Virtual Reality capabilities.

The Hoylu solution is modular and can be combined in different ways to fit the needs of different work environments and types of businesses. Several existing customers have implemented multiple installations of these solutions to strengthen innovation processes throughout their company.


VP Marketing
Senior Marketing Professional with more than 15 years of experience from creative agencies, branding and marketing consumer brands, BTB brands, tech and startup companies.
Angela Bailey
Business Manager
Angela Bailey is an administrative professional with extensive experience in Accounting, Administrative, and Human Resources functions in varied work settings. Her past work has included international banking, securities trading, and print newspapers. Her more recent duties have involved dynamic, high-tech environments, where she has worked with angel-invested start-ups; assisted with legal work for an IPO; led due diligence for mergers and acquisitions; and helped implement an ERP system software.
Bjorn Hansen
Senior Software Engineer
Bjorn has worked in the software industry for nearly 10 years, with experience covering development and testing of both server and client applications, on PCs, Xbox, and the web. Bjorn enjoys focusing on collaboration and building great tools to help people work more productively, and on building products with a great user experience.
VP of operations North America
Mr. Berto has spent over 30 years in the consumer electronics / computer related industries. After college, he worked for a consumer electronics / computer distributor for 10 years, during that time it grew from 15 million dollars a year, to well over 350 million dollars a year in sales. Upon leaving that company he founded Concentric Systems Inc. and over the next 20 years he grew it into one of the largest domestically located computer integration companies in the United States.
Carl Sjöborg
Pre Sales & Support Manager
Over 15 years of experience in sales and customer service. Worked for companies such as Phonehouse, Vodafone, Bang & Olufsen, FlatFrog, Touchtech and Anoto. From creating support procedures and building FAQ:s for FlatFrog to building up a reseller network for Touchtech. Carl was also a part of the team testing FlatFrog’s first product launched in 2012.
Cassie Yaple
Senior Software Engineer
Cassie brings a passion for software design and architecture, and in delivering globalized products with an emphasis on delightful and accessible user experiences. She is an advocate for increasing involvement and engagement of women in technology.
VP Business Development
Senior professional and entrepreneur with more than 15 years experience of business development and marketing with a vast network within touch and interactive technologies. Leading business development positions at Anoto and Flatfrog as well as founder of own companies Nada Yada and Covelus (sold in 2008)
VP Product Management
More than 15 years of experience in product management and business development in emerging technologies. Founder and owner of several companies in the digital writing vertical. Knowledge from development and deployment of user friendly platforms and ecommerce solutions. 
Chief Strategy Officer
Greg Harper is CTO of Neuehouse and CEO of Harpervision Associates, a firm dedicated to the development and implementation of cutting edge technology for business communication, including remote collaboration/telepresence, unified communications, VR/AR, wireless personal information devices, and IOT. Greg is an advisor to Wall Street investment banks, and has been awarded 22 U.S. patents in digital media and interactive TV. He serves on several boards and is a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide.
VP Strategic Partner Management
Over 12 years experience in supply chain management, product development and project management in the fields of LCD, touch panel and digital pen solutions for leading brands such as Sony, Wacom, N-trig and Anoto. A seasoned professional with in-depth knowledge of electronic and mechanical design as well as manufacturing and logistics flows in Asia.
Ingvild Thiry Pizarro
Business Manager  
Ingvild is an administrative professional with more than 10 years experience of Accounting, HR and Payroll for mainly technology companies in Sweden. Previous positions include Accountant at MBP, Accountant, HR and Payroll at Anoto, Accounting Manager at XMS Penvision and Accounting Manager at Universal Consulting.
VP User Experience
12 years experience in designing both software and hardware user interfaces for interactive surfaces, focusing mostly on professional environments. After completing his PhD in Computer Science he co-founded we-inspire GmbH, a company providing collaboration solutions for various verticals and industries including automotive, banking and creative industries.
karl wiersholm
Chief Financial Officer
CPA and Attorney (both inactive) with more than 25 years of experience primarily with software, SaaS/Cloud, and technology companies. Started his career with Deloitte, Haskins & Sells and most recently served as the CFO for: Anoto, Doyenz and UIEvolution
Leszek Mazur
Principal Software Engineer
Leszek has over 20 years of industry experience working on services and server products. Leszek worked for Microsoft where he delivered solutions around networking, security, integrated solutions for home and small business, 3D video, CMS for Xbox and HoloLens. An avid photographer, Leszek has expertise on user experience and delivering solutions to the market that are on the forefront of technology.
Marcin Porwit
Principal Software Engineer
Marcin has over 20 years of experience working for a wide assortment of technology and user experience companies around the world, with a primary focus on the back end and building distributed storage and processing systems operating at large scale. Marcin has designed systems for large, high-profile companies designed for scalable operations for millions of users worldwide.
Mohan is a serial entrepreneur who has built and managed strategy, corporate development, business development and sales functions within growth companies in the financial services and technology sectors. Previously, he has worked in investment banking, venture capital and management consulting. In his last role as founder, he built a firm that became a leader in the provision of enhanced voice services to the enterprise and public sector markets.
Neil Fishman
Chief Engineer
Neil Fishman has more than 25 years of experience in the technology industry, with a broad focus on connected systems, IoT, mobility, gaming, and platforms. Neil was involved in some of the most illustrious products Microsoft produced, including Windows Server, Small Business Server, Windows Home Server, Exchange Server and Xbox One. Neil has been awarded 36 patents and has led many teams in the enterprise space delivering award winning product solutions for business, retail, hospitality and automotive.
petter ericson
Chief Technology Officer
Petter is a leading authority in digital writing with more than 20 years’ experience of developing solutions within this field. He is Co-founder of Anoto Group and Co-inventor of the Anoto dot pattern technology for digital writing.
Ryan Anderson
Principal Software Engineer
Ryan Anderson has more than 20 years of experience providing award winning products for high-profile consumer brands including CNN, Sports Illustrated, Disney, AT&T, ESPN, MSNBC, MySpace, Carnival and SquareEnix. Ryan’s expertise is in providing large scale solutions in the digital experience space, working on front end and back end software. Ryan has been awarded multiple patents in the areas of digital display and user experience.
Stein Revelsby
Chief Executive Officer
Senior professional with more than 25 years of experience from technology investment banking, venture capital and global operations, business development, strategy consulting and board positions in a broad range of companies within software, hardware and services.
VP Software Architecture
Experienced software architect with a strong academic background in engineering for HCI, UX and natural user interfaces. Co-founded we-inspire from university research where he is leading the software development for all collaboration solutions.
Travis Beaven
Chief Product Officer
Travis Beaven has over twenty five years within the IoT and connected technology space, working in the Mobility, Hospitality and Automotive industries. His passion is for creating new and unique products that leverage cutting edge technology blended with amazing user experiences. With years of experience delivering solutions to end-consumers and the enterprise, Travis has worked for some of the biggest companies in the world, including AT&T The Walt Disney Company, Toyota, Carnival, Microsoft, Honda, Sony, NEC, Samsung, Verizon and many others. Beliving that creativity should always be connected with technology, Travis builds products and solutions that help transform businesses in new and exciting ways.

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Hoylu’s solutions for Creative Collaboration, Remote Collaboration and Immersive Presentation offer new and exciting ways to work better, faster, more efficiently – and have more fun.


Hoylu’s solutions involve our proprietary creative collaboration software for digital and analog surfaces: projected walls, touch tables & screens, digital pen & paper, as well as AR/VR.


We create magical collaboration experiences where teams can work together without limitations – wherever they are based. Collaborate seamlessly across rooms, offices, cities and countries – linking with the different ecosystems, platforms and devices we all use today.

The possibilities are endless. Yet, Hoylu is extremely simple to use.

Ease of use

Hoylu’s intuitive user interface allows any team member to contribute from the start with minimal training. If you can write with a pen, you can collaborate. There are many possibilities for the pro user, and you quickly grow into a fast and fluid workflow.

Precision work

Subpixel tracking meets vector based rendering to deliver maximum precision, whether you’re on the Hoylu Wall, Table or your personal device.

Multi-location Collaboration

Hoylu lets remote teams collaborate as if they were in the same room.

Immersive AR Collaboration

Hoylu is pioneering immersive Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality presentation and collaboration solutions.

Multi-user Collaboration

Hoylu supports many users collaborating simultaneously, at one or multiple locations.


Seamless integration of content created on paper. Whatever you create on our digital enabled paper shows up on the screen at your command.


Hoylu has the solutions to fit your needs. Just choose your solution, your room size and you can build your individualized Hoylu solution, right here on the website. (coming soon)


creative collaboration solutions

Challenge: Ideation and collaboration within diverse teams and working with various analog and digital media is a significant challenge for many industries today. Companies need to provide inspiring work environments to attract and retain talent, and stimulating work processes that maximize quality of work life and output.

Hoylu offers an exciting solution that changes how we collaborate – from the very beginnings of a first idea through to a finished project.

Remote collaboration solutions

Challenge: Most organizations have certain significant and common challenges– offices in different locations, important employees wishing to spend more time with their families, and an increasingly nomadic work force.

Hoylu is developing a unique solution that is much more than just a conference product – giving your teams the tools to create and collaborate while in different locations, as if they were in the same room.

Immersive presentation solutions

Challenge: We’re all trying to stand out and make an impression in our sales and presentation meetings, yet most organizations still use PowerPoints and pdfs by default.

Hoylu’s Immersive Presentation Solutions let you present your work in compelling ways that stand out. Using Augmented and Virtual Reality, together with interactive Displays and Software, we’re developing amazing new ways to present and sell.

Hoylu software suite

Hoylu’s Software Suite makes it easy to create, collaborate and share ideas. From initial planning to brainstorming to presentation, Hoylu’s apps cover the entire work process. Use Hoylu Sketch to sketch, draw and create with Hoylu pens on paper, on displays, or the XXL Hoylu Walls. Visualize your ideas as sticky notes, group them, share them and inspire discussion with the Pin App. Import inspiration material, organize them into boards, comment and annotate with the Capture App. All your work is of course saved automatically and can be easily shared with the team afterwards.

Hoylu wall

Think big, work bigger. The Hoylu Wall is a flexible surface for collaboration, with infinite space for large teams to collaborate. Our interactive wall can be as much as 12,5 meters wide, and each work session allows hundreds of work surfaces in the apps. Your work takes on XXL proportions, as you create in high resolution with the special Hoylu precision pens.

Hoylu displays

Hoylu displays are premium, interactive displays, that form part of a versatile solution for creative team collaboration, ideation and presentations. The large size and crisp colors make your work look its very best, whether you use it to design, run sales presentations, annotate CAD drawings, or work with PowerPoint.

Use a single display as a standalone solution, or connect multiple displays to create a large collaboration wall where 5 or 6 people have all the room they need to work together.

Unlike other large touch screens, interacting with the Hoylu Display feels just like working with a tablet or smartphone. This is due to the superior technical specifications, such as the glass bonding and the premium surface coatings, that result in smooth, responsive touch/pen feel with high precision and no glare.


The Hoylu Table is a versatile multi-touch table that provides unmatched precision and feel. Delivered as a turnkey solution including software and PC, it’s the perfect tool for collaborating in the office, presenting ideas to clients, visualizing complex sales, or viewing 3D-projects.

Unlike most large touch screens, the Hoylu Table truly feels just like a tablet or smartphone. Several people can work together, using both hands and high precision pens simultaneously. This is due to the superior technical specifications, such as the glass bonding and the premium surface coatings, that result in smooth, responsive touch/pen feel with high precision and no glare.

Hoylu pens

The Hoylu Pens are fantastic tools that are available in different versions, depending on how you use them. They quickly connect to the Hoylu walls and displays to allow you to write, sketch, draw and navigate. The user interface is incredibly easy to use. You can choose your tools by pressing the tip to the screen, or using one of our ingenious paper palettes. The high-resolution tracking captures every detail. Since it is fully vector based, even the smallest detail is saved. And, if you prefer writing on paper, we have a pen for that too, using Anoto functionality.

Hoylu paper

The inspiring process of writing or sketching your ideas or designs on paper will always be the preferred choice for some situations. Hoylu’s digitally enabled paper (with Anoto functionality) makes it possible not only to save your sketches digitally in vector format, but also to send them to the Hoylu Display or Wall at will. We deliver Hoylu Paper in different sizes and as Post-it notes or Notebooks.

Hoylu AR & VR

Hoylu is pioneering immersive Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality collaboration- and presentation solutions. We have a partnership with VR Global, a New York-based company delivering advanced VR and 360-degree solutions across mobile, web, VR, and AR platforms. Together we are developing VR and AR solutions for use cases such as product design, architecture and real estate development and sales.


At the core of the Hoylu Solution is our Software Suite - developed to augment all aspects of ideation, collaboration and presentations. The Hoylu apps make it easier, more productive and more fun to work together. Based on years of research, the Hoylu apps are designed from the ground up to offer you the best possible user experience for individual and multiple users. The Hoylu Software Suite is extremely intuitive and ergonomic, for efficient teamwork. Fun to learn – easy to use.


Hoylu Sketch takes digital whiteboards to a whole new level. It allows you to create, modify and improve any drawing or idea. The Sketch application lets you bring your ideas to life effortlessly on a large canvas by drawing, writing, and adding photos and visuals from other devices. With Hoylu Sketch you will never run out of ink or space, making it easy to combine components to form a story. All your work is captured with subpixel accuracy, giving your work the quality it needs and deserves.


Hoylu Pin allows you to quickly and easily create a visual representation of your ideas using digital sticky notes and arrows. The interactive workflow lets everyone participate in the early phases of a project. Whether that be developing a product, working on a visual presentation, or capturing ideas at a staff meeting, Hoylu Pin is your app of choice. The format of the application enables you to write out what you’re thinking in an organized and productive manner. Multiple people can add to the board at once, so that everyone’s input is included.

Hoylu Pin can also connect with the other Hoylu apps. This means that as you are brainstorming, you can bring in content from the Sketch, Capture and Paper app. Even as one person is creating categories on the board, another can draw on paper, and yet other team members can work with Sketch or Capture.


Hoylu Capture lets you capture and present content from your laptop, tablet or phone without the need to install any special software. Connect via cable, or wirelessly using Airplay and share your screen on any of the Hoylu surfaces. Once that content is on the screen, you can easily bring it into Pin or Sketch to keep building on inspiring ideas. Hoylu Capture is created to give you the freedom to easily bring in content from your own personal devices with minimal fuss. No sending or uploading needed, just connect to the local network and share your content.


The Hoylu Paper App lets you and your team create on specially enabled paper and save it digitally wherever you are. You can also share it to the other Hoylu apps on a Hoylu wall or Display during a work session. You can continue to work with that content later, in another application of your choice such as Illustrator or InDesign. You can use the Hoylu enabled paper (with Anoto functionality) in different sizes as well as post-it notes.

Build your hoylu


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For investor related news, please visit our regulatory .
Leading Swedish Business Paper DI Digital Lists Hoylu as a "Swedish AR Company to watch"
Hoylu is mentioned as one of four up and coming AR companies to watch, by the Digital/tech section of leading...
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Correction in the Company Description published on February 15, 2017 regarding new ISIN code
Correction in the Company Description published on February 15, 2017 regarding new ISIN code. Corrections have been made in the...
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Hoylu AB: Hoylu acquires We-inspire GmbH
("Hoylu" or the "Company") today announced the acquisition of We-inspire GmbH and confirms its first day of trading on Monday...
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Hoylu AB: Hoylu publishes its Company Description and announces its plans for Listing at Nasdaq First North
Following the announcement of its intention to float on 17 October 2016, the Board of Directors of Hoylu AB ("Hoylu" or the...
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